The project was initiated as part of an international research network that demonstrated the need to bring together disparate research work and scholars concerned with the history, archaeology and heritage of Sindh and the Indus Valley Civilization. It is an effort to create the best archaeological literature. As the department itself a combination of Culture, Tourism Antiquities and archival sections, it is, therefore, the journal has a broader and diverse scope as well.

We welcome the articles related to the prehistoric to colonial and post-colonial periods of Sindh, formal and informal modes of imperial expansion on Sindh (historic context). Reports of the heritage-building and monuments conservation/preservation projects and the archaeological excavation & survey reports (conducted on Indus sites) will also be part of this journal. To maintain the diversity for its readers Sindh Antiquities–aims to provide a specialist scholarly forum of ideas relating to museums and architecture realms, as well.

It is indeed our intention to explicitly open an interdisciplinary and international conversation about the archaeological & heritage studies and the nature of history. The Articles that address large issues and offer a new direction and are diverse in the topic are also encouraged at Sindh Antiquities.