It is great pleasure to thank the readers of 3rd issue of Sindh Antiquities Journal who have well appreciated by all corners of Pakistan as well as abroad.

International Conference on Makli was held from January, 12-14-2018 at Karachi with the association of EFT. A discourse concerning tourism aspect of necropolis of Makli.
Many scholars and lovers of Architecture and Antiquities express their valuable views, add to focus about Antiquities and Culture values of Indus Valley. Remarkable performance and tremendous efforts made by Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Government of Sindh and Mr. Ghulam Akbar Laghari, Secretary Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Government of Sindh to make the conference a great success, appraised by participants International Conference on Makli, is a great success achieved by Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Kanasaro D.G. Antiquities and Archaeology Government of Sindh and his dedicated team.
Research are still needed to emphasize more visiable value of Indus Valley we are sure that our research zeal through Sindh Antiquities Journal will go onward beyond any doubt. Your comments will be well appreciated. Thanks to those who have appreciated our efforts.
Abdul Qayyum Jilani Editor