Hon'ble Readers,

I seek your help People of Indus Valley, today's Pakistanies want their security and cooperation in archaeological, cultural and academic activities in our surrounding countries and all over the world.

Archeaology is a tool in our hands to mould the future in a way that the untruth are minimized and solid truth to be told through this human pursuit.
The whole people of the world await the dawn of that day when the clouds of fear of war from that small borders scrimishes to "star war", disperse from above our heads-the heads of the whole human race.
Now, let us decide to focus on our worthy glorious past, when the people of Indus and countries surrounded by the boundries of Sindh, Pakistan. Positive activities of our department help us to save our history, archaeology, culture and the antiquities.
Friends I seek your cooperation, kindly go through the Journal and writedown your feelings, our mistakes and advise us what to do for our generation.Your views will help us to draw a line between biased and unbiased citizens of our country.We need the realistic thoughts of the intellectuals, authors, archeaologists, anthroplogists, historians, academicians, teachers, general public of our country and the people living on our Earth - The Globe. Let us remember! Days of Indus Valley Civilization when the people of Indus Dharti decided to live in a peacefull way. They survived and enjoyed the best and beautiful life more than two thousand years in peace and prosperity.
We the people of Sindh and our country Pakistan consciously working to develop the peaceful and sensible relations between our Provinces and the neighbouring countries, India, Afganistan, Iran and Arbian Peninsula.
Our Quarterly Journal of Antiquities Sindh fulfill the gap between the researcher and lay men. Editors and the staff of the Journal of Antiquities Sindh of Department of Antiquities Sindh and is working hard, I appreciate their effort. In the end I must say thanks to Hon'ble Minister for Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Secretary Mr. Ghulam Akbar Laghari, my editor and staff we become able to bring this prestigious Journal.
Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro Chief Editor