Love Heritag& - Preserve Heritage Have you ever given due thought to the fact that you are composed of genes that you inherited from sources that you cannot identify? Your whole physical sructure your very being is within the definition of 'heredity' and it is hinged to the environment which is composed.of what you should be proud, of your heritage.

This heritage is in various shapes and forms and natures. It is from physically standing monuments, toys, dolls, costumes, ornaments, puppets, things of daily use within the households and outside, etc. name anything under the sun and it is within the area of what we call our 'physical' heritage. Beside his physical heritage there is abstract heritage. This abstract heritage can be observed in the shape of motifs, scripts, paintings, lores and traditions. mental process of certain set pattern to do one thing or the other, habits, attitudes, etc. Heritage is limitless and this heritage is patent to human beings as one race, patent to a class of human beings, patent to people inhabiting certain area and region, patent to even a family living within a single household.
Despite so many varieties when we come to study human heritage by it we mean what is common heritage of all Mankind. What one man did or what one group of people did to contribute to human society becomes part of entire Mankind's Heritage. We cannot draw chalk lines and divide human heritage as exclusive monopoly of one caste or creed or clan. If it were to be so then human heritage would have not assimilated the way it has from north pole to south pole and all along the longtitudal surface of this globe. However, as we see there is a great variety within the heritage of Mankind. Of this Indus Valley Heritage and the Heritage of South Asia are division with sub-divisions. These divisions are of one whole and do not mean isolation of one division or sub-division or the other sub-division from the whole. Lovers of Human Heritage seek common link between each sub-division and division of the many that they study and compare. If this comparative study is abandoned then Man will become that beast who roams in the jungle only for his own survival and cares not for the survival of others. One must be proud of one's heritage but with a definite objective of tracing the roots of this heritage. This pursuit brings one family of human beings closer to the other and a group of families closer to the other groups.
If our heritage is lost how can we properly identify our ownselves what to talk of tracing our acestery. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us that regardless of our field of activity we Love our Heritage and Preserve our Heritage without any bias our prejudice. Do your bit by identifying heritage of your own area and recording the same visually and in writing and over the electronic media-if you can not do anything to protect it the way it should be done to the optimum degree. Do whatever you can on the suggested lines and prove that you

Manzoor Ahmed Kanasro Chief Editor