Dr. Darko Babic
Assistant Professor, University Zagreb, Croatia

 Prof. Dr. Dorota Folga Januszewska
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Chairman Polish National Committee of ICOM
Deputy Director, The King Jan III Palace Museum in Wilanow

Dr. Zakirullah Jan, PhD
Associate Professor/Curator, SSAQ
Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology,
University of Peshawar, Pakistan

Dr. Atsushi Noguchi
Director cum Secretary General at Japanese Centre for South Asian Cultural Heritage, Japan

Dr. Margareta Tengberg 
Professor at the National Museum of Natural History,
Archeozoology, Archaeobotany: Societies, Practices, and Environment, Paris (France

Dr.  Dr. Marjan Mashkour
Directrice adjointe de l’UMR 7209 (AASPE) Archeozoologie
Archeobotanique at CNRS (Centre national de Recherche Scientifique) at MNHN (Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle)- France